The Uneventful Life Of AlleyCat


            Well hello there and Welcome to my page!! I am Neko Madness.. I used to call my self AlleyCat on the online world but it was over used so now this is my name. I decided to make this blog to be able to be myself and express all that I have to say. 

“AnimuAlien <3”

          My life is pretty uneventful, hence the name, and I am a bit of a loner, so I live in my head a lot. But I usually have a lot to say so I created this to be able to speak my mind and share all the random, emotional, beautiful, and fucked up shit that goes through my head, haha! I hope that it is somewhat entertaining or helpful in someway or i’m pretty much screwed!

Enjoy =^.^=

Love, Peace, and JUSTICE!!! ❤