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Please don’t take my Foood away…

So what makes someone a foodie? Their love for food? or trying out different foods and recipes? Yes, I could go on this very internet I am on to look up what that means but then I wouldn’t have this post. One less post from the great Neko?!? How unthinkable

You know how they say all men think about is sex, well that’s how it use to be for me.. I mean in not a man, but just to make a point.. well now all I think about is food. On most days I still stick to the whole three meals a day thing but it stays on my mind all day. From when I wake up to when I go to bed at night. I think about what to make for breakfast, so when I wake I make that or maybe something else. Once I have had that my mind is right on to the next meal.


I also spend my time searching the webs for new Vegan foods and desserts to try, which is super great for my taste buds and tummy, not so much for my weight loss but the desserts are  usually freaking delicious.


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