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And They Call it Cookie Love!

“NomNom PB Cookies”

        I have been dying to eat some cookies ever since I arrived at vegan town, and yeah I could eat all sorts of oreos but its not like a cookie cookie. Not like a delicious in the oven baked cookie. so I did what I do best and went on vast journey throughout the internet to find me a recipe worth baking.

I ran out of vegan chocolate chips since I decided to eat them by itself, so no vegan chocolate chip cookies.  Peanut butter cookies, I found Peanut. Butter. Cookies. It had been so long since I had a peanut butter cookie but I can still remember the oh so mouth watering taste. And the recipe so short and simple, my favorite kind.

Here is where you can find the recipe: Peanut butter GOODNESS!!

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