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Take Another Piece of My Cake Now, Baby!

Im back from the dead, and I brought Caaaaake!!!!


“Beauty is on the Inside!”

 I really enjoy exploring the food world and finding new things to make, but I have to say that desserts are my favorite thing to make. I have fun making it then I get to have fun eating a nice delicious sweet treat. Around where I am at there isn’t a whole lot  of places to get vegan desserts and half the them don’t taste that great. So I keep my ingredients stocked up. the hardest thing is when I’m always on a budget so I have to sort through all the vegan recipes just to find the minimal amount of ingredients.

Thank the heavens I follow a lot of food pages on Facebook where a cake pops up and I have all that I need to make it. I decided to make two cakes to layer them and the idea definitely looked better in my head… and I had issues with it cooking through in the middle, it ending up hardening the outside… But I made it work by cutting off the tops to both cakes, I put icing in the middle and then poured it all over the top and let it drip down in to a pool of chocolaty goodness!!! Then I threw some powdered sugar on top to add some extra sweetness!!!! So while its may look a little strange on the outside it was delicous and moist on the inside! Mmm-mm good!

Find the Recipe here: Delicous Vegan Cake (click me!!)

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