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All You Need is Wings

…Vegan ones of course!!


I think it was a trendy thing last year to eat cauliflower that supposedly taste like chicken wings or something. I saw people buying them when I use  to work at Wally’s Hellhole For The Unfortunate and I would ring them up. So it caught my eye. As a former meat eater I would have to admit that Chicken wing was one of the hardest things to give up, so of course I wanted to try. unfortunately the ones in the store had milk in it. of-fucking-course the did. So what did I do you ask, well I did what I do best, gave up and forgot about it.

So now a year later the whole cauliflower wings comes back to my attention, I searched far and wide and the delightful yet sick and twisted internet to found a great recipe to make some perfect imitation wings.  I most certainly found it and I couldn’t have been any happier. And the saucee for the wings, the smell, took me back to my pizza hut days were I would toss wings and burn the insides of my nosttrols for them smell. I was in Heaven, a guilt and cruelty free one at that. There was a fire in my belly, literally. I have made them twice now and each time I sucked them down so fast that I didn’t get a picture to put on here. Trust they were beautiful!

Love, Peace, and JUSTICE!!!

Find the reicpe here: Heaven’s Own Vegan Wings!

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