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I’m Stew Into you!

Yes, my titles are getting worse if that’s what you were thinking

Once again I have been gone for to long and have not been sharing my vegan food journey with you all. I decided to return to the healthier side of vegan. I’ve been eating of the junkier side of it and yes it is possible to eat unhealthy and stay fat even if you are vegan and while it’s been super tasty easting junky I think it’s time to return to my old healthy ways. Keeping my food as fresh, tasty and most of all healthy as I possibly can.

So to start I decided to make a nice, delicious soup. So I can across this recipe for a Mexican Vegan Vegetable stew, its packed with potatoes, corn, onion, garlic, carrots, celery and some tasty spices. It’s a mexican stew so it was a bit spicy but really, really good. I had been dying to find a nice soup or stew recipe for a while so this is a really good one to start, their arent to many ingredients so it isn’t that difficulty to make.

The website for the tasty stew can be found here:~~~~> Click Me For A Yummy Stew =]

And as always,

Peace, Love, and JUSTICE!!! ❤

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