Neko Madness


        Yo! it’s Neko Madness! So I guess I should share a little bit about myself, I’m a single mom, a shut-in and a cat lady, well that’s it g-day!! I jk, but that’s all true. I am 23, a wannabe write and chef, 13346735_1002620453163315_7981604858844659983_nOtaku, a mild weeabo (and proud lol),TV junkie, Gamer, non-popular unheard of  Viner and Youtuber, animal lover, out loud and proud Vegan!

You can check me out on:

YouTube @ ∼Vine&Twitter @NekoNekoMadness  ∼Facebook @ /TheNekoMadness && /tuloaccom-977922545657071/

Enjoy!!! =^.^=